CRM Sales solutions make it too hard to import and sync contacts.

We’re on the case and making huge progress! We’re making it incredibly easy for FreeAgent CRM customers to get their leads and contacts into the system: so they can focus on selling!

Salespeople need to import leads and contacts from these sources:

  • Mobile phone
  • Secret stash of XLS files
  • Tons of email (as they network and uncover new contacts)
  • From pay-to-play sites like Rainking and
  • From marketing systems aka Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and so on
  • From Microsoft-the-monopolist’s LinkedIn

These updates focus on the top ‘3’ above!

What’s the 411 on Contacts from my Phone?

With FreeAgent CRM, once you’ve linked your Gmail- or Office 365- based email account, you can selectively pick the contacts you want to auto-import. Check some boxes & you’re done – no typing & no manual export and re-import needed! Check it out below:


Waste not, want not.. Importing your XLS X-Files!

With FreeAgent CRM, you can import as many massive spreadsheets of Leads and Contacts as you want. Typically these work well for our new customers migrating data from a prior CRM, including Mr. Homegrown. XLS does the trick for pay-by-the-lead content sites like RainKing too. And our upload is lightning quick – up to 10 times faster than any other CRM system. Check it out:


Adding contacts from email using Copy Signature

In addition, FreeAgent makes it simple to add a contact you meet via email. Just click the “Add” button right next to a new contacts name when viewing an email in our app. In addition, you can very easily cut and paste the signature block from their email and click our magic wand to fill in all the structured fields. Because who wants to sit there and cut and paste 12 fields one at a time! Check it out:


This is just the beginning. More contact import advancements are on the way. We can’t wait to share them with you!

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