FreeAgent CRM is a Game-changer for Etta at Her Biggest Event of the Year

Etta knows a thing or two about the importance of using the best software. As the founder and CEO of gNIS – a specialized consulting firm for ServiceNow’s IT Business Management, she’s focused on solutions that help customers to align projects to business goals and understand costs and investments.

When looking for the best CRM for small business, Etta did her research like most of us: she googled what she needed and began going down the list. According to Etta, as soon as she saw the FreeAgent CRM website she knew, “I’m going to need that.”

She also looked at Pipedrive and Zoho, but said FreeAgent CRM was an easy choice because she’s “a visual person and likes when things are simple.”

Etta reported that getting started was easy because she wasn’t bombarded with tons of details right out of the gate. She sees what she needs when she needs it and particularly loves the Accounts dashboard for that reason.

And I have to mention Next Steps too – I love that it is my to-do list and I can see everything.

The email integration is a key feature for Etta, and setting it up was a breeze.

The import worked perfect. No hiccups. Everything was very smooth.

The integration with Outlook saves Etta so much time.

Before, my lead list would have taken forever. But now when someone sends me an email, everything just happens!

We asked Etta what she’s MOST excited about, and she told us it’s the second chance she has at the big upcoming annual event ServiceNow Knowledge 18.

I have a show coming up this weekend and I’m so excited that when I meet a new lead, I can send out scheduled appointments WHILE I’m at the show. That day. You can take your next step right away as soon as you enter your contact.

Before FreeAgent CRM, everything was taking too long and she missed opportunities for follow-up and sales.

Last year, after the show, I missed my window to follow up, and got NO responses later on. This year, with FreeAgent CRM, we’re going to be on it!

We’re so excited for Etta! Are you a small business with big ambitions?

FreeAgent CRM can be a game-changer for your small business too! Get started for free and we’ll show you how.

Organized in 15 minutes: Message Mechanics Simplify Business with FreeAgent CRM

Jeffrey Pease LOVES simplicity. Chief Marketing Officer turned consultant, he founded Message Mechanics to help businesses grow their sales with clearer stories.

In a 20 year Silicon Valley career, Jeffrey’s both used and marketed large-scale CRM systems. But for his own business, he needed a system that was as simple and clear as his own services.

Just try it. It is easier than you think, and way easier than other CRM.

Since most of Jeffrey’s business comes from referrals, he needed to organize his contacts and growing list of clients and make it easier to keep in touch with his network. He also wanted to track all inbound and outbound communications – without the overhead of a separate marketing automation system. With his busy schedule, quick setup and ease of use were key.

According to Jeffrey, FreeAgent CRM is the right fit for his scale of business. “You don’t need a bunch of training to use it. Put your contacts in and you will be productive almost immediately.”

The simple setup took just minutes.

He got started with a one-step link directly to his Gmail. The FreeAgent CRM support team then imported any additional contacts from his other email systems and Excel.

I actually felt more organized just by going through the very smart setup screens.

Jeffrey tells us, “I’m also impressed with the email capabilities, especially the open and click tracking analytics.”

We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves. Are you a small business with big ambitions?

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Scoutible Is All About Top Performers. We’re Proud They Picked FreeAgent CRM For Their Team!

Scoutible is a game-changer for hiring top talent. They build an AI game-based hiring tool that helps their customers do two things: save time and save money. But when they looked at their current CRM – Hubspot – they weren’t doing either.

Hubspot was missing key features they needed AND was weighed down by other features they never even used. It was not the right match. Eventually, Scoutible had to make a move…

They fired Hubspot.

Dave Landreth, Head of Sales at Scoutible, starting scouting. This time, for a CRM solution that was different. It had to be simple to use, and have just the right set of features to be efficient. Not too many and not too few.

Their “must-have” feature was the ability to build custom reports with various views for their frequent strategy and performance tracking sessions.

FreeAgent CRM is very simple to use.

According to Dave, when he was able to do all this with just a few clicks, he was ready to make the switch. Then he discovered the rest of the software was just as easy to use! And without needing any training to get started, they were able to set custom views for each team member to see the information most relevant to them.

Configuration was easy. It’s amazing!

We’re proud to be on Scoutible’s team. Do you need the CRM experts on your side?

FreeAgent CRM is the best match for your small business. Try us out for free and find out.

JTek Data Solutions Gets More ‘Limitless’ in Just Weeks with FreeAgent CRM

Jim Hathaway, CEO of JTEK Data Solutions, knows his tech. He lives and breathes agility, efficiency, and scalability in bringing world-class technology solutions to eager customers.

When he was expanding his sales team, he knew he needed a CRM solution in step with his own methodology – simple, innovative, scalable… “limitless”.

Simplicity is the word I would use to describe it.

Jim tells others about FreeAgent CRM, after comparing to big-box Salesforce.

FreeAgent CRM is worth it. The product and the people behind it are great.

When we started working with Jim, he was using Excel to track daily activities. Reporting was becoming difficult and time-consuming. But time was the biggest challenge in making a change. According to Jim, the fact that the system is easy to set-up and customize sealed the deal. He needed a system that he and his team can start using right away, without the need for heavy training and expensive consultants.

It will get you started quickly and your team and performance will definitely improve.

After only weeks of using the system, Jim’s referring to his rapid increases in performance.

We never get tired of hearing this story. Are you a small business with big ambitions?

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Bonni Loves Saving Time with FreeAgent Insurance CRM

Bonni Swinney is an independent agent at Assure, LLC. She needed a simple solution that had just the right features for her business, so she could focus on what matters most to her success: better customer relationships.

FreeAgent CRM is the simplest solution to use on the go or on the desktop.

Bonni was looking for a way to manage her clients, but not JUST manage them.. she wanted to nurture them into customers for life. She knew she could provide more value to her customers if she could keep track of where they are in the sales process, and set-up personalized emails that would send automatically based on the rules and timing she decides.

With FreeAgent, she also receives helpful reminders to contact her leads and clients, so she never misses a chance to increase renewals. 

And now, all of those emails and calls are automatically synced to her CRM contacts, and tracked in one secure place – that she can access from anywhere! All the info she needs is at her fingertips – contacts, applications, policies, commissions, and more. 

I recommend this solution to anyone. It’s super easy to customize.

Bonni saved time on setup too. She said the support she received getting started and afterward made it way easier than she expected to switch from excel spreadsheets.

We love to help independent insurance agents soar to success. Are you a small business with big ambitions?

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