Taco Tuesday: Preview Cards you’ll love at first sight!

Preview Cards you’ll love at first sight!

Plus, introducing a whole new kind of data relationship

FreeAgent CRM Platform Update February 5, 2019

In this update:

6-Part Preview Cards
Icon Library
M2M Relationships

Preview Cards you’ll love at first sight, because they know exactly what matters most to you!

Your data is important. But the same information isn’t equally important to every company. You’re unique! That’s why we launched Configurable Preview Cards in the Aspen Release. This Taco Tuesday, we’re launching enhancements to Preview Cards that makes them WAY more powerful – and a little prettier, too!

A refresher on Configurable Preview Cards:

  • See what matters to you – Each object has its own card configuration so you can decide which fields are most important to your business.
  • Set it and forget it – Your custom Cards show all throughout the application (Rolodex, Board, Related List) but you only have to configure it once.
  • Your team on the same page – Your custom Card configuration is shared with your whole team, making collaboration even more seamless.
  • Don’t forget mobile – Unlike any other CRM, Cards even show on your mobile app with your custom configuration, so it works for you wherever you work.

What’s a Preview Card?

We call it a preview because these cards provide a quick overview of your Detail Card which is complete with segments of data for Filtering, Sorting, and Reporting. This includes data such as Lead Source, Dates, and even quick links to Account and Referral Contacts.

You can include any of FreeAgent’s out-of-the-box fields or your own Custom Fields, so each card is truly unique to your business.

This latest enhancement to Preview Cards brings your most important information front and center while minimizing what’s less important, so your experience stays uncluttered and visually-pleasing (one of your favorite things about FreeAgent CRM!)

Here’s what’s new:

  • All objects will now have the 6 field layout (previously only on Contacts) with the option to select “None” (so you can have 4 or 5 if you prefer)
  • Ability to hide/show the Next Step footprint icon on the card
  • Ability to select an icon from the Icon Library that will be used as a default image for records of that object
    • This replaces the initials that were previously used on records that did not have an image
    • You can still use auto-magic google search to populate an image on any record and it will show instead of the icon
    • Have instant context across Contacts, Accounts, Deals and Custom Tabs

Watch the Video!
Discover the Power of Configurable Preview Cards with Ryan

Want to learn more?

Check out the tutorial:
How can I customize the configuration for the Cards?

M2M Relationships

This Taco Tuesday also introduces a new type of data relationship to FreeAgent CRM.

M2M, or Many-to-Many, is an incredibly powerful relationship type you can now enjoy across the platform with both Standard and Custom objects.

Here’s an example from ZenPPM – a company with a custom object Products. Deals can be related to many Products AND Products can be related to many Deals.

Here’s what that could look like in FreeAgent CRM on the Products and Deals tabs:

Things to Know

An M2M relationship is created between two objects when a field is added of type: Reference – Multi Select.

When this field is added:

  • There will be a Related list on both objects so that you will always know which records are related
  • You’ll always have the ability to select “Manage object_name” in the “Things You Can Do” dropdown

Want to learn more? Check out the tutorial.

What is a Reference – Multi Select Custom Field?

Automatic Activity Roll-Up

By Free Agent request! You asked for the ability to turn off and on the automatic roll-up of activities between the following objects:

  • Leads to Deals
  • Leads to Companies
  • Companies to Deals

You got it! Make changes to your roll-up settings in Settings > Activity Roll Ups

Things to Know

  • Turning activity roll-ups on or off will only impact activities made after the change, and will not update/change any past activities that were already rolled-up



You’re going places. And now your Saved Views are, too!

In 2019, you’re going places. And now your Saved Views are, too!

Saved Views + Mobile App is a match made in heaven to grow your business on the go

FreeAgent CRM Platform Update January 15, 2019

In this update:

Saved Views on Mobile
Automated ID Number
Always on @mentions

Saved Views has always been a feature-favorite, keeping your most important info at your fingertips on the desktop.

And the FreeAgent mobile app has always been first-in-class compared to traditional CRM mobile apps (for example, it automatically brings over your Custom Objects, Renamed Tabs, Configurable Cards and much more).

Better together – we daresay that Saved Views on the Mobile App is a match made in heaven!

What are Saved Views?

Saved Views help you capture, share and re-visit the information that’s important to you even faster. Keep your favorite filters as Saved Views so that you don’t have to re-apply them to your data each time. In addition to filters, Saved Views also includes list configurations, pivots, and much more. And now with dynamic date fields, the Saved View is always showing real-time data!

They can be created for any object within FreeAgent CRM including custom objects.

Discover the power of Saved Views! Check out some top Tutorials.

How can I create Saved Views in FreeAgent CRM?

How can I share Saved views with my Team members?

How can I manage my Saved Views?


Automated ID numbering

Once your data is in FreeAgent, the possibilities are endless. Now we’ve added another way to superpower your data – all objects in FreeAgent CRM will now have an automated ID number. Referencing, reporting and tracking just got even easier and more powerful.

This includes existing objects, custom objects and all new objects going forward.

Always on @Mentions

We got your feedback and we listened. You told us you need to be absolutely sure that your @mentions trigger a notification for your teammate. Your wish is our command!

What are @Mentions?

@Mentions allow you to select a specific team member and leave him or her a note in any of your existing tabs where the activity timeline is available. Users will instantly receive a notification (even on mobile!) when they are @mentioned.

Instant context.
Draw attention to a high-priority conversation with a simple tag. Get notified when something needs your attention. Tag your team for follow-up, questions, or help finding the right info.

Instantly adoptable.
They work with the same intuitive ease as other tagging tools, like Slack and Facebook.

Want to learn more about @Mentions?



FreeAgent Goes Mobile

Last Friday we announced we have an iPhone and an Android app under private beta. We’ll be offering them on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play very, very soon. These apps have been top requests from our customers – both in the United States as well as in Mexico and India.

In fast-growing markets around the world we’ve learned many companies have skipped the “laptop generation” and gone straight to their phones to sell. These salespeople are not issued a corporate laptop by their company & many of them simply don’t own or use one.

For that reason as we’ve designed our dedicated mobile solution for FreeAgent we’ve done it differently than most other CRM software companies – instead of a stripped down feature-set (example: Zoho’s lack of filters on lists) we are offering the complete FreeAgent experience on mobile.

Initially the app will focus on the flows used most by our customers – Managing deals & the pipeline, following up with Contacts, and researching Accounts. For sales leaders and CEO’s you’ll be able to track the activity of your entire sales team in a tap. Nice stuff.

If you’re new to FreeAgent or want to track our progress on mobile closely, feel free to sign up for extra info & early access here.