Announcing the FreeAgent + Zapier Integration

Integrations just got easier – or should we say, Zap-ier!

A product update for people who LOVE saving time

Here at FreeAgent, we LOVE saving you time – so you can focus on your customers and growing your business. That’s why we’re so excited to announce FreeAgent’s Integration with Zapier. You can now do SO much more with FreeAgent by connecting it to tools your team already uses.

FreeAgent CRM already effortlessly automates the sales, marketing, and support tasks you used to do manually. But what about automation with systems that go outside of FreeAgent? No problem! You’re just a Zap away..

Zapier connects FreeAgent CRM with over a thousand apps, including MailChimp, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, Google Sheets and more. You can now set up Zaps – a Zap is an automated workflow that connects two or more apps – to communicate with your customers and track all those interactions, automatically.  And best of all, no coding required!

Most of the integrations can be used with Zapier free of charge in their “free forever” plan.

Here are a few examples of our favorite FreeAgent CRM Zaps.

Create Mailchimp subscribers from new FreeAgent leads

Wouldn’t it be great if new leads inside of FreeAgent automatically sent information over to your email marketing list? This automation can help you save time by not doing any extra manual work to get contacts from FreeAgent over to MailChimp. When new leads are created in FreeAgent, it automatically creates a subscriber in MailChimp.

Add FreeAgent Deals to a row in Google Sheets

Do you like to use Google Sheets to maintain a detailed record of events within your company? Set up this automation, and every time new deal is created in FreeAgent, we will add a new row to a selected Google Sheets spreadsheet. Automatically update your records and make sure your data is always accurate and up to date.

Add LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms leads to FreeAgent contacts

If you’ve spent too much time entering contact details into your CRM by hand, give this integration a try. After you’ve set it up, whenever a new lead submits their info to one of your LinkedIn Lead Gen forms we will also log their details on FreeAgent as a new person, saving you from the trouble of having to do so yourself.

These are very basic scenarios that can be expanded to multiple steps with many different apps. Learn more about Multi-Step Zaps.

Want to learn more?

FreeAgent + Zapier Tutorial
Connect FreeAgent CRM with 1000+ apps with Zapier

View more integrations below and click to try them out!

FreeAgent + Mailchimp Resource Guide

You already know all about the latest release FreeAgent CRM Bonsai and the much anticipated best-in-class integration with Mailchimp (the industry-leading email marketing solution).

To help you get started – or take your campaigns to the next level – we’ve created a resource guide with helpful topics that range from pairing Mailchimp within FreeAgent to template design tips to getting the most out insight of campaign reporting.

FreeAgent + Mailchimp Overview
If you missed the fiesta, find out about the benefits and features of the latest FreeAgent CRM release.

Mailchimp 101
If you’re just starting out with Mailchimp as a marketing tool, this article is a great place to begin.

Getting Started with FreeAgent + Mailchimp Together
Unleashing the power and simplicity of Mailchimp within FreeAgent CRM is as simple as pairing your Mailchimp account.

Email Design Guide
Look and feel professional when using your Mailchimp templates with campaigns launched within FreeAgent. Here’s some great advice on conveying your message with great looking emails for better conversion.

Create Your First Mailchimp + FreeAgent CRM Campaign
Annnd launch! When it’s time to create your first campaign, here’s all you need to know to get started.

Email Marketing Benchmarks
Ever wonder how your campaigns are doing compared to other businesses in your industry? Mailchimp has compiled benchmarks for you.

Getting the Most from Your Mailchimp Reports
See your campaign reports directly in FreeAgent CRM. Follow up perfectly with customers who opened-and-clicked.

Additional Resources

We’re just scratching the surface of what’s available on both platforms. For deeper information, start here:
FreeAgent CRM Tutorials
Mailchimp Marketing Resources

Happy campaigning!

Taco Tuesday: Valentines Day

Taco Tuesday: V-Day Special Offer and a sneak peek at the next big release!

Get ready to win your customers hearts with Email Campaigns

FreeAgent CRM Platform Update February 12, 2019

Here at FreeAgent CRM, we really love our customers. And our customers love their customers. And of course, we all love tacos! So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, this Taco Tuesday is dedicated to love.

In this update:

Spread the love – Special V-Day Offer
Get ready to win your customers hearts with Email Marketing
New Vlog: 5 ways to let your customers know you care

Spread the love – Special V-Day Offer

Give 15%, receive 15%
For the month of February, refer a friend (or friendly business) to FreeAgent CRM – they’ll get 15% off their subscription* and you’ll get 15% off your next renewal**

* For annual or monthly
** For annual renewals only – get 15% off the whole year (if you’ve been thinking of switching to annual to save costs already, it’s never been a better time!)

To redeem this offer, your friend must sign up in the month of February. Share this offer with them early so they can get started with our amazing product specialists.

FreeAgent Bonsai

Next Taco Tuesday is a downright fiesta for our most anticipated product release yet – Free Agent Bonsai. And you’re invited!

Here on the team, we’re going bananas for the new features. When it comes to being the best all-in-one CRM platform, we are not monkeying around…

We can’t tell you everything about next week’s big release just yet 🙊 (stay tuned next Tuesday!) but we DO want to give you 3 great ways to get ready for it now, so you can hit the ground – and the trees – running.


3 Ways to Win your Customers Hearts with Email Marketing

Next Taco Tuesday is a downright fiesta for our most anticipated product release yet – Free Agent Bonsai. And you’re invited!

Here on the team, we’re going bananas for the new features. When it comes to being the best all-in-one CRM platform, we are not monkeying around…

We can’t tell you everything about next week’s big release just yet (stay tuned next Tuesday!) but we DO want to give you 3 great ways to get ready for it now, so you can hit the ground – and the trees – running.

Get crystal clear on your goals

What are you trying to achieve with your email marketing campaigns? While selling to new customers is a goal for every business, it’s not the only kind of email to send. There are post-sale and nurturing emails that keep customers engaged; offer emails that provide incentives to buy; re-market campaigns for customers who weren’t quite ready to buy.

You can get an idea how to set goals for your metrics by checking out some benchmarks for your industry. But outside of having great open, click and conversion rates, some other goals might be to:

  • Re-engage customers who haven’t heard from you lately
  • Make your offerings known by announcing new features or products
  • Learn more about your customers so you can better target offers at a later date
  • Spur sales by offering a discount or gift

Oh, and the number one goal of any email communication? Provide value. When you have this covered, you are guaranteed to get a higher ROI out of your marketing campaign – and it’s already SKY HIGH as far as lead channels go. Check out these stats about email marketing ROI:

Send the right message to the right customers

According to the email campaign silverback MailChimp, segmented email marketing campaigns get 14.64% more email opens and 59.99% more clicks compared to non-segmented campaigns. Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

We’ve all cringed at the email marketing the product or service we already purchased or opted out of. By segmenting your customers, you know where they are in the sales cycle so you can be sure that you’re sending the right message and the right irresistible offer at just the right time.

Look and sell like a pro with well-designed branded templates

Every email campaign is a chance to put your best foot forward, and you should always deliver! Your customer has invited you into their sacred inbox. (Gosh, they even DOUBLE-OPTED invited you in!) Let them know you respect a few mb of their inbox space with professionally designed communications, and be consistent! They’ll learn to love your emails on first sight.

5 ways to let your customers know you care

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s talk customer love with Gwen (our resident Free Agent Ambassador!)

Check out the blog (and vlog below!) – and in the spirit of spreading love, feel free to share with a business who might need a reminder. 😉

Changing the M in CRM

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management; and that a CRM is a system that supposedly manages your contacts and sales cycle.

But in a world of social media where customer relationships die as quickly as they’re started, do customers want to be “managed?” And do customers really want to be managed by a “system,” a robot so-to-speak?

I think not!

Customer relationships actually matter. Feeling unappreciated is the number one reason customers switch away from products and services, and as any successful business owner can tell you, as business expands, time seems to contract.

Customers don’t need to be managed… but time, now that’s another story.

As business grows, there’s a lot less:

  • Time for follow-ups
  • Time spent with customers
  • Time to train employees
  • Time for product improvements
  • Time to answer emails

Holy crap… It’s a wonder you ever have any time to sleep!

If you’re pressed for time, can a CRM help?

In a word, YES! Technology is not a be-all/end-all (like some people may have you believe), but automation can definitely help enhance customer relationships. And one of the biggest ways it does this? By freeing your time to focus on what matters most: your customers.

Automation is not a robot

You may be thinking: But the reason I’m successful is because I give everyone a personal touch. They want to do business with ME. But when you’re busy, then what? Emails fall behind, or even worse, get written hastily, without care.

But what if your customers receive a personalized email, at exactly the right time – without you having to remember? AND without you having to repeat the same task every single time, for every single customer? What if you could look down a to-do list with all your follow-ups in one place and never miss a beat?

A CRM that truly fits your business can be easily set up with your personal touch, your voice, your language, and your schedule. Handling business in a timely manner is about as personal as it gets and automation can help you get there.

Data is not your enemy

You might think that tracking every little thing might be a burden, but what if you didn’t have to do anything differently? What if you just did your job and all your communications were logged and filed; and when you wanted, you could just go to a dashboard and see what was happening at any point in time?

An easy-to-use CRM system can do this for you. Look for a CRM that integrates with the tools and services that you’re already using. You know how to do business and a good CRM fits into the way you’re already working. Spend time on cultivating relationships, and leave managing data to your CRM.

Two heads are better than one… until they’re not

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could just know what everyone else was doing with customers, so you didn’t have to explain every single thing to every single person? And when there are 30 balls in the air, anyone can grab one and run with it?

A good CRM can make this happen. A CRM that can be simply set up to map to how you do business makes collaboration a way of life, or better put, a way of work. Once you have collaboration running smoothly, you’ll wonder how you managed before.

But my employees won’t use it

If my boss came to me and showed me how my job would be more efficient by following a few simple steps (and maybe if she gave me cookies!), I’m pretty sure I’d get on board pretty quickly!

A CRM platform that is easy to set up and simple to use makes everybody happy. Remember: a good CRM fits into the way you’re already working. (See above!) Productivity goes up without any extra effort; who wouldn’t be happy with that?

So sit down and take a breath

You have time… you deserve it!

FreeAgent CRM is a platform that helps small businesses nurture quality customer relationships. Get set up in less than 20 minutes, and start working with a company that believes that CRM means Customer Relationships Matter. Check us out.

Back to Basics – Quicker Followups, Better Content, Smarter Selling

There’s a huge disconnect between the CRM “in-crowd” & their buzzword-laden recommendations for how to manage sales & what we hear from our customers.

The “LinkedIn” crowd is talking about whether Leads even belong in a sales system & what “methodologies” can “orchestrate” the right “outcome-based sales culture.” What? They sound like Michael Krasny from PBS (aka Mr. Smarty Pants). These “experts” have fallen out-of-practice on how to effectively market and sell. Instead they have fallen in-love with their own overly complex ideas.

Here at FreeAgent CRM you can count on us to give you the most user-friendly CRM on the market. We start with what you’ve told us you want. A very fast & efficient CRM that helps sales capture leads from anywhere, work them with as much automation as possible, and close a large % into real revenue.

It’s Back to Basics CRM. Because when your trying to scale sales, you need a system that saves you time & makes selling simpler. Say no to complexity & increase your sales with FreeAgent CRM.

To Inside Sales or Not to Inside Sales


When young businesses begin to build their sales processes, they face a decision: to build an inside sales team or not? Not an easy question b/c for many, founder-led sales may have just begun. Young companies just starting out make sales based on their leader’s personality or reputation, based on bold promises or vision, personal bravado/charisma, or a whatever-it-takes customer service attitude.

Point being, there may be no recipe for selling yet, and therefore no magic process that can reliably result in repeat sales. Invest too early in inside sales & you will spend a lot of money vacillating between different ideas on what might work. Invest too late and risk building a good product no one ever finds out about.

It’s a difficult position to be in – and we’d love to hear your point of view on the do’s and don’ts. From our vantage point, venture-backed companies generally invest too early & don’t have the know-how or the data to build “a factory of sales.” They are better off sticking to founder-led sales until they truly understand how to scale.