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90-Day Success Guarantee

Introducing change while trying to improve your business can be nerve-racking. When you choose FreeAgent, you can rest assured that your success is guaranteed. 

Choosing FreeAgent means virtually eliminating the risk associated with introducing a new work management platform for your organization.

We stand by our software, and we stand alongside our customers.
With FreeAgent you will get near immediate value, unparalleled support, and the fastest Go-Live time on the market.

Our commitment to your success

Our 90-Day success guarantee embodies FreeAgent’s commitment to your success. We help you set goals and stay on track as you implement a work management platform and begin leading the way to a better workday. We have a tried and true formula; success is a guarantee. Here are some of our promises to you:

We will listen

We will learn about your unique needs and tailor our systems to help you achieve your goals With FreeAgent.

We will coach

We’ll share our expertise to optimize setup and workflow to have you feeling like experts in the platform.

We will focus on fast ROI

We will work quickly and tirelessly to get you live and receiving value from the FreeAgent platform as soon as possible.

We will support you

You will have our platform implemented and supported by our experienced internal teams at FreeAgent.

We will adjust as you grow

We will continue to optimize and evolve your setup as you become more familiar with the power and flexibility of the platform.

Our 90-Day Success Guarantee is an integral part of our FreeAgent culture: We only succeed when our customers succeed.

We created FreeAgent because we believe organizations should have an alternative to outdated, hard-to-use software, and ridiculously long and expensive implementation projects.  We’re here to help you & that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Dave Stephens

CEO | FreeAgent CRM

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