Changing the M in CRM

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management; and that a CRM is a system that supposedly manages your contacts and sales cycle.

But in a world of social media where customer relationships die as quickly as they’re started, do customers want to be “managed?” And do customers really want to be managed by a “system,” a robot so-to-speak?

I think not!

Customer relationships actually matter. Feeling unappreciated is the number one reason customers switch away from products and services, and as any successful business owner can tell you, as business expands, time seems to contract.

Customers don’t need to be managed… but time, now that’s another story.

As business grows, there’s a lot less:

  • Time for follow-ups
  • Time spent with customers
  • Time to train employees
  • Time for product improvements
  • Time to answer emails

Holy crap… It’s a wonder you ever have any time to sleep!

If you’re pressed for time, can a CRM help?

In a word, YES! Technology is not a be-all/end-all (like some people may have you believe), but automation can definitely help enhance customer relationships. And one of the biggest ways it does this? By freeing your time to focus on what matters most: your customers.

Automation is not a robot

You may be thinking: But the reason I’m successful is because I give everyone a personal touch. They want to do business with ME. But when you’re busy, then what? Emails fall behind, or even worse, get written hastily, without care.

But what if your customers receive a personalized email, at exactly the right time – without you having to remember? AND without you having to repeat the same task every single time, for every single customer? What if you could look down a to-do list with all your follow-ups in one place and never miss a beat?

A CRM that truly fits your business can be easily set up with your personal touch, your voice, your language, and your schedule. Handling business in a timely manner is about as personal as it gets and automation can help you get there.

Data is not your enemy

You might think that tracking every little thing might be a burden, but what if you didn’t have to do anything differently? What if you just did your job and all your communications were logged and filed; and when you wanted, you could just go to a dashboard and see what was happening at any point in time?

An easy-to-use CRM system can do this for you. Look for a CRM that integrates with the tools and services that you’re already using. You know how to do business and a good CRM fits into the way you’re already working. Spend time on cultivating relationships, and leave managing data to your CRM.

Two heads are better than one… until they’re not

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could just know what everyone else was doing with customers, so you didn’t have to explain every single thing to every single person? And when there are 30 balls in the air, anyone can grab one and run with it?

A good CRM can make this happen. A CRM that can be simply set up to map to how you do business makes collaboration a way of life, or better put, a way of work. Once you have collaboration running smoothly, you’ll wonder how you managed before.

But my employees won’t use it

If my boss came to me and showed me how my job would be more efficient by following a few simple steps (and maybe if she gave me cookies!), I’m pretty sure I’d get on board pretty quickly!

A CRM platform that is easy to set up and simple to use makes everybody happy. Remember: a good CRM fits into the way you’re already working. (See above!) Productivity goes up without any extra effort; who wouldn’t be happy with that?

So sit down and take a breath

You have time… you deserve it!

FreeAgent CRM is a platform that helps small businesses nurture quality customer relationships. Get set up in less than 20 minutes, and start working with a company that believes that CRM means Customer Relationships Matter. Check us out.

FreeAgent CRM Aspen Release

Welcome to FreeAgent CRM Aspen

We’re particularly excited here at FreeAgent to announce our latest release, FreeAgent CRM Aspen – with a fresh and exciting new look, powerful new features, and major enhancements to usability.

For months we’ve been working on this special update and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you. These enhancements represent progress in two of our biggest goals:

1. Usability

First and foremost, your mission is our motivation, so we constantly innovate to find better ways for you to accomplish your goals easier and faster.
» Read more: Usability Refinements to FreeAgent CRM, June 15, 2018

You could say that usability in CRM is how easy it is to use powerful tools. Most CRM’s get more complex and more rigid as they add features – that’s why they all end up the same, and nothing like your actual business. Which leads to our next goal…

2. Do things differently

As a small business owner, you do things differently. That’s why we’re continuing to innovate FreeAgent CRM as the only platform of it’s kind – one that’s as unique as you are, and will grow with you as your business needs change.

FreeAgent CRM Aspen Release

November 6, 2018


  • 25%+ faster
  • The “rolodex” is now available for Deals and Accounts, enabling you to quickly move from Deal to Deal or Account to Account
  • Board layout has been completely re-designed
    • It now shows 30% more records in the same vertical space
    • You can now pivot on even more fields
    • You can now drag-and-drop records on custom choice field pivots
    • You can pivot on date fields and choose various bucketing options
  • The Card that FreeAgent CRM shows for a Contact, Deal, or Account is now CONFIGURABLE! You decide what fields are most important and, voila, they’ll appear consistently throughout the desktop AND mobile app

Common Layouts

Previously, the layouts for leads, accounts, and deals were designed to be different. When you asked that the Rolodex layout be extended to Accounts and Deals, we got to work! But we also got to thinking…

Users should have the same experience no matter where they are in FreeAgent CRM.

Now all major Objects (you might call them Tabs – i.e. Leads, Deals, Accounts) will have the same awesome layout options.

3 Layouts to Optimize Efficiency


Rolodex Layout
Form meets function. This layout is a game-changer when you’re working through a list and taking actions, like calls or emails.

List Layout
Sometimes a traditional list is the best way to view and search for information.

Board Layout
When you want a visual view of important data. Use the power of pivot to unlock endless board configurations. Enjoyable drag-and-drop interface to make global changes.


Custom Card Configurations

While you already have complete control over fields, tabs, labels and lists (and just about everything else) you also asked for the ability to customize the card layouts, too. That’s exactly what we did.

  • See what matters to you – Each object has its own card configuration so you can decide which fields are most important to your business.
  • Set it and forget it – Your custom Cards show all throughout the application (Rolodex, Board, Related List) but you only have to configure it once.
  • Your team on the same page – Your custom Card configuration is shared with your whole team, making collaboration even more seamless.
  • Don’t forget mobile – Unlike any other CRM, Cards even show on your mobile app with your custom configuration, so it works for you wherever you work.

Board Layout Enhancements

You told us you love the board layout. And now, your custom Card configurations will show in every board across every Object (Tab). But we wondered if we could make it even more loveable. Here’s what’s we added:

More ways to view the data that’s important to you

  • Pivot by any date or number fields
  • Specify the column grouping when pivoting on a date field (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)
  • Smarter filters on date fields

Choose a currency field to aggregate the columns in you board layout (Example: Calculate the Amount field on Deals)


Send us your feedback!

Like the new updates? Let us know! Have an idea to improve the usability of FreeAgent CRM? Chat us up, send us an email, or give us a call.